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Moving Hooves and Hearts Counseling Services, LLC is a therapeutic support system for individuals and groups seeking healing from depression, anxiety, addiction, anger and life issues.  Support will be offered through experiential, educational and therapeutic counseling to aid people on their journey to healing.

The core values of MHHCS are:

Collaboration – working together with people and walking together to find solutions to the problems faced by the individual or group.

Integrity – providing the best care possible in a trusting and nonjudgmental way.

Dignity – each person has worth as they are.

The Importance of Human Relationship – a trusting, and nonjudgement relationship strengthens the ability for a person’s wellbeing.




Dawn believes that therapy is a vulnerable process for people.  Her desire is to hold space for people so that they may discover the solutions to the problems they are facing.

As a licensed Masters Social Worker who specializes in working with adult individuals and groups who are grappling with difficult life situations, Dawn takes a person-centered approach to each person she meets, and is compassionate and non-judgmental in her work, believing that each person can find solutions to the problems they face.

She has worked with individuals and groups that have made negative choices in their lives and decided to overcome difficult life situations.  She believes that people can change and can solve their own problem situations.  Her role in counseling is to help the person or group discover their own strengths and resources to achieve their change goals. Counseling sessions are a time to walk alongside the person in whatever journey they are on without judgement, without trying to “fix” them, nor trying to impact the outcome of their situation. 

Dawn uses a mindfulness -informed practice such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Solution focused Therapy and Trauma-informed care.





My areas of expertise include:

-Depression   -Anxiety   -Stress-related & Life-transition issues   -Anger   -Addiction

  • LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker)- University of Michigan. 

  • EAGALA Certified