T H E R A P Y  S E R V I C E S



Children over 10, Adolescents and Adults


Therapy will be provided in a safe and confidential office and/or with our equine team.  In individual therapy you can address your individual concerns and learn how to overcome difficult life challenges in a trusting and non-judgmental environment.  Moving Hooves and Hearts Counseling provides Licensed Private Pay Counseling services in Lowell, MI at the Barn for Equine Learning.

1 hour session - $130

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Children over 10, Adolescents and Adults (Individual or Group)

Equine Therapy is a Ground-based and solution-oriented therapy. It focuses on  an accepting, collaborative relationship with each person or groups, without judgment or interpretation.  The process involves the person, the horse, an equine specialist and the therapist.  The presence of the horse makes this process so dynamic since the the horse can be itself in the process and has the freedom to make choices.  Because horses are prey animals, they live in the present and mirror our own behavior. 

Horses have the ability to keep us present focused, help us identify our feelings, and help us work through emotional barriers that might not always happen in talk therapy alone.  Horses provide a relationship for safe healing to occur, even without verbalizing what may be happening.

1 hour session - $130


Kid Horsemanship

For Ages 6-14 years old and Ages 15-18

Kids Horsemanship is an 8 week, 2 hours per week educational sessions for kids ages 6-14 years and 15-18 years of age.  During the 8 weeks, participants learn about horse safety, horse anatomy, horse care and feeding, horse first aid, and leading a horse.  The benefit of this class is that the participant gains confidence, skills, and self-awareness through this process. 

1 hour - $40